Cathy is a wealth of knowledge in the wakesports industry. She’s been on the water since 1995 cultivating her skills as a retail genius and perfecting that OG status! Not only did she represent the USA on its first Wakeboard Team to compete Internationally, she has been a great mentor for beginners and young pro’s alike. Cathy created and ran the first lifestyle wakeboard clinic tour “Live2Ride” and " No Boyz Allowed". Cathy's TV personality on Fuel's "GKA" took viewers across the world and back giving them feel for what it was like to be out getting people involved in the sport of wake boarding, wake surfing and just living' that Wake Life! She’s been a staple of the sport since almost its very beginnings.

While still retaining her focus on what she does for the sport, Cathy has now taken on the responsibility of running USA Wakeboard with the goal of spreading the stoke to the masses and providing a pathway for riders that would like to someday represent their country on the world stage .

Cathy’s joy in life is giving to wake boarding in any way she can. Helping to motivate and coach people to get better, teaching everything from your first wake jump to getting upside down, how to drive and dock your boat, or the importance of selecting the right equipment, to supporting the companies she believes in. She only wants to get people out on the water with a smile on their face, improve friends and families time together creating bonds and memories that last a lifetime.  

If you feel you could use Cathy’s help. Just drop her a line in the boxes below and she’d love to get you and your family out on the water!

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